People are looking to invest in cryptos, but have no idea where to start.

A lot of times people don’t realize the potential privacy coins, like Zcash, provide. Many think this is a negotiable option when actually it isn’t. The understanding and need for privacy coins will only grow with increasing regulations and restrictions. 
One way to help with that situation is by making an effort to promote these currencies. effectively promotes a private currency called zcash by showing new users how easy it is to start investing in it – just buy Zcash!

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They All Love Zcash

"I recommend looking into ZCash."
- Naval
"Zcash is easily the most underrated crypto right now."
- Tyler Winklevoss
"A lot of people wonder why I like #Zcash despite the Founder's Reward. Here's a reason: that tax funds a quality team that catches and kills serious bugs in-house, before they get exploited. Some other projects learn about bugs like this only AFTER people have lost money."
- Edward Snowden
"There are improvements like confidential transactions that folks are thinking about for BTC. But right now if you want a Bitcoin-like coin with high privacy you can use Zcash."
- Balajis Srinivasan